Behavioral Therapy and Consultation

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

An applied science provided by a licensed professional (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or under the supervision of a licensed professional in which interventions are applied systematically to socially significant behaviors in order to cause meaningful change, then using data demonstrates whether the interventions are responsible for change in a specific behavior.

What does ABA therapy look like?

ABA is an applied science that can include many strategies and interventions that target behavior change. Some common ABA therapy techniques include Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Verbal Behavior Approach (VB), modeling, parent training, and behavior intervention to specifically name only a few methods of providing ABA services. ABA is proven by decades of research to be effective in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and it should be individualized for each client in order to secure best treatment outcomes.

What ABA Services are currently offered at Silver Linings?

ABA Consultation

Assistance in determining what type of ABA services a client could most benefit from, and advocating/assisting in securing ABA services from a local ABA provider according to the needs of the individual/family.

Parent Training

Learn how to break down puzzling or challenging behaviors, provide targeted intervention, and determine the efficacy of your intervention with individualized training and support from a BCBA.

Behavior Skills Training (BST)

Receive targeted support to create, reinforce, and maintain specific behaviors (ex: social skills, adaptive skills, self-monitoring, etc).

What related services are currently offered by a BCBA at Silver Linings?

IEP Advocacy

For parents who want support throughout the IEP process in order to secure appropriate educational services for their child in the public school system.

Community Consultation

For clients or community agencies such as churches or businesses that want to include and accommodate citizens with Autism Spectrum Disorder effectively.

Clinicians Providing These Services:
Holly Sharpe Holleigh Woodward