Corporate Services

Creating and maintaining a work environment that is efficient and emotionally healthy is of utmost importance to many leaders and businesses.

We are here to provide professional services and support to help businesses reach their goals, whether they be related to productivity, interoffice relations, policies and procedures, or customer relations.

Katie Odom, LPC, NCC, Certified MBTI® Provider has special interest in administering the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator® personality inventory in a corporate setting and using the results to assist leaders in determining strengths of their employees as well as utilizing strengths and diversity within the workplace to achieve goals and secure a functional and emotionally healthy work environment.

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and positive reinforcement, Holly Sharpe, M.Ed, BCBA can bring the perspective of human behavior and how it affects a business or work environment in order to solve problems and create effective policies and procedures to maintain a functional office. These services can be individualized for each business according to need. For more information, contact Katie or Holly.

Clinicians Providing These Services:
Katie Odom Holly Sharpe