Speech Therapy Services

Speech Delay Therapy

At Silver Linings, we provide speech therapy and evaluations for any family that has a child who is at risk or showing signs of a speech disorder.

If you have not previously been exposed to common speech disorders, then you may have difficulty determining if your child or teen is at risk. Please see the following links for more detailed information on the various types of disorders that we offer treatment for in our clinic.

Speech Delay

I think my child’s speech development may be delayed…

Children reach developmental milestones at different times, but they are expected to perform certain skills by certain ages. To see a chart to determine skills your child may be expected to perform at his/her age, click the button.

What should I do if my child is delayed?

If your child’s speech is delayed you can pursue speech therapy. Our office offers private speech therapy which is performed in our office and works on your child’s specific therapy goals that will be developed following an evaluation.

Early Intervention Services may be available to you if your child falls between the ages of birth to 3 years. A doctor or teacher can recommend you for services. You can also pursue them yourself. Click here for more details.

What happens during an evaluation?

An evaluation for speech delay is usually a very relaxed setting. Our clinic offers 2 forms of testing that are preferred for identifying speech and language delay. Prepare to be present in the room with your child because the therapist will ask you questions regarding medical history and other developmental questions. The therapist will have various toys to engage your child in play and perform testing. Testing length will vary depending on your child’s ability to participate, but sessions typically don’t exceed an hour.

Types of Tests Administered

Preschool Language Scales, Fifth Edition, (PLS-5)

This test combines toys and play activities to identify difficulty with a child’s understanding and production of language in children from birth to 7 years of age.

Rosetti Infant Toddler Language Scale

This scale identifies language deficits in infants from birth to 3 years of age.

Clinicians Providing These Services:
Megan Crisler Megan Zecher

Information taken from Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology, A Resource Manual, 4th Edition. Kenneth G. Shipley