Please read on to learn more about how our office is planning to address potential closings and special circumstances for our patients.

We want to let you know that we are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19.  It is our goal to remain open so long as it appears safe for both our clients and team.  Please monitor our Facebook page for the latest updates. Should a closure occur, it will be announced there first, followed by individual notification of patients. 

Because we care deeply about the well-being of all our patients, we have been working diligently to create a contingency plan in the event that we need to close our facility to prevent any further spread of the virus.  Below are specifics for our office, but for those of you seen at other offices, you may also consider asking about similar policies:  


While many of our clinicians are not able to take on new clients, time-limited crisis counseling will be made available to those who are experiencing heightened distress related to COVID-19. Existing clients can either call office to set up an appointment or email your clinician directly. New clients may call our office at (256) 489-1583 or contact our office email at 

TELE-HEALTH (Services by Phone or Video Chat)

In the event that our offices will be closed, we are working to provide tele-health services at a reduced rate for many of our services, either through phone or online video means. We are aware that most insurance companies do not cover tele-health. Since this is an out of pocket expense, we are making efforts to make this as affordable as possible.

We are also encouraging all of our patients to contact their insurance companies and request an exception be made regarding the coverage of tele-health services. For some policies, these exceptions have already been made. This is a developing situation, and we are already hearing from some policies that services are covered. However, there is also not much clarity about the limitations and details, and we are working quickly to try and understand the policy rules.

UPDATE: As of 3/16/20, we learned that many of our services will be covered for Telehealth! This is a very exciting development.  Look out for alerts from our office and/or your clinician if they are requesting this change.  Also, if you would like to have a Telehealth service, instead of face to face meetings, please alert your clinician or our office.  


Psychological testing cannot be completed via tele-health.  In the event that your testing appointment is cancelled, we will be rescheduling these appointments as soon as we are re-opened. It is our hope that we are able to reschedule these assessments as soon as possible.  Some intake/new patient appointments for testing will likely be possible via tele-health. 


Various clinicians in our office are also working on a case-by-case basis with existing clients to ensure that patient needs are met, including speech, occupational, and ABA-based therapies. Do reach out to your individual provider to determine the best arrangement for you or your family. 


If at any point you wake up and feel ill, please call our office &/or contact your clinician immediately - this includes if you happen to test positive for COVID-19 soon after meeting with your clinician.  There will be no cancellation fees provided with such notice.  

Continuing to care and meet the needs of our patients is a top priority. 


Holleigh Woodward, LPC & The Silver Linings Team


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