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Central Auditory Processing Disorder Therapy

Central Auditory Processing Disorder Therapy (CAPDOTS) is a program for supporting and improving auditory processing difficulties.

This program utilizes dichotic listening exercises to mature the peripheral auditory system, reduce ear advantages, reduce damage to the auditory nerve, improve auditory memory, and improve divided auditory attention. CAPDOTS improves the auditory processing skills that affect cognition and social interactions, as well as academic performance.

The CAPDOTS program is completed with lessons run on a computer with the participant wearing headphones and another person delivering the lesson.

Who Do You Recommend CAPDOTS for?

We recommend CAPDOTS for clients with an auditory processing disorder diagnosed or treated for binaural integration and/or binaural separation disorders and related skills. An auditory processing disorder may or may not occur in isolation, meaning it often presents with another disorder or neurodivergence, such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more. CAPDOTS is beneficial for those looking to improve their auditory system, auditory discrimination, auditory attention, follow complex directions without visuals, process background noise, and build their overall auditory cortex.

How Does CAPDOTS Work?

CAPDOTS is a web-based program that is implemented by trained speech-language pathology professionals. Speech therapists and audiologists can become service providers and implement the program. From there, these professionals can train others to deliver the auditory training exercises and monitor program compliance and patient performance. A service provider can train other therapists in their own organization to run the system for their clients and train parents to deliver therapy exercises at home.

Two people need to be present in order for CAPDOTS to work appropriately: an assistant and a client/listener. The listener will need a set of headphones that will play separately in the right and left ears. The assistant is to always check and make sure the headphones are working correctly before use! The assistant will then sit with the listener without the listener being able to see the screen and begin the session. The listener will repeat the words or sounds they hear, with the assistant marking them as correct or incorrect.

I Want to Learn More About CAPDOTS! Where Should I Go?

The CAPDOTS website is extremely informative, and you can contact us here at Silver Linings to learn more from our current service provider, Megan Zecher.

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