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AAC Devices for Adults

Augmentative and alternative communication is considered other modes of communication than verbal output, often supplied through the use of visuals and verbal feedback.

AAC speech-generating devices can be low-tech, considered visual boards, posters, notebooks, pictures, and facial expressions. There are also high-tech options, which are considered using items such as devices that provide visual support and speech generation.

AAC is useful for everyone! Finding the right AAC system supports adults with severe speech impairments who need to express themselves, make requests, engage others in conversation, and keep their voices.

How Is AAC Used for Adults?

An AAC communication device is used to support and maintain adults’ language skills and give them an alternate form of communication. We teach adults how to use AAC as their own voice, to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings.

We teach adults how to use their AAC devices to communicate by labeling items or activities, making requests, engaging others in conversation, answering questions, and more. It’s essential that adults understand that AAC is a tool with key features specifically for them. We recommend AAC be used in every environment, including school, the grocery store, and at home.

How Do You Get Access to an AAC Device?

There are several ways to start the process of getting an AAC speech-generating device. Low-tech devices can be created at home or school using various materials. High-tech devices typically require some funding in order to acquire.

There are also government programs that will support evaluations for AAC devices and support the funding process of purchasing AAC devices and their accessories. A speech-language pathologist is qualified to perform AAC evaluations and help find the AAC technology that fits you or your loved one’s needs. Insurance policies differ on how much they will cover funds for securing a device, so make sure to reach out to your insurance company for more information.

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American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Website: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)