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Silver Linings Neurodevelopment Clinic

Silver Linings Neurodevelopment

We are a team-based clinic, located in Huntsville Alabama, devoted to the evaluation & treatment of various mental and behavioral health differences among children and adults.

Having a team-based approach is the key feature within our clinic. Outside of a hospital or university setting, we are one of the few clinics in North Alabama where our clients’ care is shaped by a number of disciplines, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and counseling. We have regular team-meetings to discuss treatment planning and goal setting, which allows your one clinician to consider many aspects to your care. It also allows for quick referrals to another discipline, such as counseling to speech, within the comforts of a familiar setting. Clients are always assigned one clinician within each needed area of expertise, but that clinician may consult with other disciplines, as needed.

Clinic Ally Podcast

Clinic Ally is a podcast that focuses on the clinical perspectives of a variety of topics, including counseling strategies, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, speech delays, language disorders, and more! Join our cohosts, Holly Sharpe and Megan Zecher, as they discuss mental health topics, interview adults with a variety of neurodivergence, talk about clinical procedures, and answer questions from audience and clients alike. Consider starting with our introduction episode to learn more and see if this podcast is for you!

Our most common services include:

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations for learning, conduct, mood, and ADHD

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations for learning, conduct, mood, and ADHD.

We can test for a variety of developmental differences across all ages, including adults!

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Autism Evaluations using the ADOS-2 and ADI-R

Autism Evaluations using the ADOS-2 and ADI-R.

These tests were developed as research tools but now they are now gaining wider use to differentiate children with autism from those with other developmental disabilities.

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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy.

At Silver Linings, we provide speech therapy and evaluations for any family that has a child who is at risk or showing signs of a speech disorder.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy facilitates, instructs, models, encourages, and modifies the performance of activities required in daily life.

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Counseling for children, adults, and families

Counseling for children, adults, and families.

Counseling can be very problem-focused and last only a short time, or it may last for many months or years and focus more on the complex, inner-processing of emotions and experiences.

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Applied Behavior Analysis Training/Consultation

Applied Behavior Analysis Training/Consultation

ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jennifer Y.

My son is a patient with Heather Wadsworth. Her and the rest of the staff are amazing at what they do and very friendly! The office is very clean, comfortable, and welcoming for people of all ages. By far the best place we have been for my son to get help with his issues. We love this office. My son actually gets excited for each appointment! Definitely a 5 Star facility!

Kimberly M.

We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with them. They have done testing for three of our children and I feel like we got the answers we were looking for. They met each child where they were to get the testing needed. I love that they test with a team approach. Everyone was kind and welcoming and when it came time to get the results they took the time to make sure we understood everything and answered all of our questions.

Lela B.

As a homeschool family, Silver Linings provided exactly to kind of support that we needed to get answers and solutions to a few of the issues we were facing. The staff were all helpful and polite. Billing was made clear and they helped us navigate insurance issues. I would recommend them to others.

Christie Q.

My daughter loved her experience with testing recently. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The office was clean, welcoming, and well-thought out.

Pamela K.

Everyone in this business has been kind and courteous. Takes time to listen about needs and has been very punctual about appointment times.

Brenda T.

Great support in working though and developing a plan. I appreciate the staffs professionalism.

Andrea L.

SLN is simply AMAZING!! They offer everything from diagnostics to other services that a client may need. They are passionate and vested in their clients, and go above and beyond what one would expect from a professional setting. Personally, the wellbeing of a child is priceless, and they are more than willing to take the time to listen and then implement whatever means necessary to help a client. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SLN! You will be blessed!

Karen R.

Very nice office and wonderful staff! Dr Crisler was concerned about my child issues and listen to them! Thank u!

Norionna C.

The entire staff is amazing!! They have been so helpful and encouraging and we are so thankful for their help.

Rachel C.

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, Dr Emily is great with my son.

April P.

My daughter has had a wonderful experience at Silver Linings. She is working with Brooke Sorrells, Speech and Language Pathologist, to improve her verbal social skills. 2 months ago I would have never thought that a speech pathologist could help her with her social skills, but she is improving so much thanks to Brooke's work with her!

Megan B.

Silver Linings is the perfect name for this office! These amazing women go above and beyond for you. The whole office from the receptionist to the doctors take the time to know you and your child. They REALLY listen and want to use their knowledge to help. Here you are not just another patient. (Also, They take a variety of insurances. So don't let that stop you from calling.) They provide the gold standard testing like Sparks and Glenwood without being put on a year long waiting list.

Stij O.

Highly and fully recommend them! These ladies are some amazing to work with other children and families!! Please I recommend any of them, Ms. Brooke and Ms. Holly are absolutely phenomenal!

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