Out of Network Help

If your clinician is not accepting your particular insurance plan, we can help with a 3-Step-Solution!

Many insurance plans possess "out of network" benefits. For this, we encourage our clients to use an app called "Better Claims". Here is what you would do:

1) Download the App

2) Ask our office manager for a Superbill - these are provided monthly and simply list all of your services at Silver Linings. Very much like a receipt.

3) Take a picture of your Superbill using the Better Claims App and the App will submit the claim to your insurance company.

That's it! Better Claims will call us or your insurance company if they need more information and then you will receive a reimbursement from Better Claims for your services. Better Claims takes 10% of the total reimbursement, but nothing if you are not reimbursed. Remember that not all plans offer out of network benefits, but some do. Check with your insurance provider or ask our office manager and she will check for you.

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