How to Combat Summer Boredom

Sure, we all love summer and get super excited at the beginning. However, it doesn't take too long before boredom starts to creep in. Read on to find some ideas on how to keep your family entertained over these upcoming hot weeks!


A really good resource is RocketCityMom.  Here you will find a calendar of upcoming events with links giving the details of where, when and how much it cost. All sorts of ideas are included, such as summer camps, local events, where kids eat free and more. 

Another idea includes this great list from Tennessee Valley Weekend, which includes 99 fun happenings occurring in North Alabama this summer! Try working your way through the list; if you make it through all of these, we can't imagine that boredom would even come close to describing your summer!

Some more fun ideas for this summer (courtesy of Pinterest):

That's all for June's blog!  If you have any special topics that you would like for us to cover throughout our blog series, feel free to email your ideas to  Happy Summer!


Sarah Travis, B.S.

Front Office, Psychometric Technician 

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