Fun When Stuck at Home!

Coronavirus Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring! We have a list of tips and ideas to stay entertained while we're all cooped up!

The kids are out of school, and there is nowhere to go! Sometimes it might be hard to be creative and find fun activities. Here are ten ideas to avoid cabin fever during quarantine that you may have overlooked.

1. Keep a schedule.

During this time, it might be easy to treat it like a holiday or summer break but try to stick to a schedule. Keeping a visual schedule can help your family can have some expectations for the day, and then once complete, feeling accomplished. Maintaining some sense of structure can help to ward off feelings of depression and anxiety. 

2.Have a picnic.

It is Spring, and that means for many locations the weather is pleasant. Grab a blanket, and whatever food you have and enjoy a picnic - you can even have one indoors or in your backyard! While you and your family are all together, go around and talk about the most favorite part of you day.

2. Virtual tours.

There are museums all around the world are offering virtual tours more and more each day! Check out Google to see if your favorite museum is jumping on the bandwagon!

3. Bake together.

Cakes! Cookies! Pizza! Brownies! Anything would great. This can be a time where you are all in the kitchen, making memories. You can even use this time as a learning lesson on measuring, ingredients, counting, and temperature. 

4. Write letters and make cards for family, friends, and grandparents.

We have been instructed to physically distance ourselves, but this would be a great opportunity to make a craft or write a letter for someone that you can't see physically.  Break out the envelopes, and stamps and write a handwritten letter to friends and family who live far away.

5. Charades

Shh! No talking and act something out. It might help to stay within a category.

6. Paint

Grab the paint brushes, canvases, paint, and enjoy expressing your creativity.

7.Go for a walk

Staying physical active is important for your health. Walking and exercise in general for at least twenty minutes helps boost your immune system and further protect your mental health!

8. Aquariums and Zoo live cameras

Unfortunately, we are unable to hop in the car and take a long road trip. However, there are a multitude of live steams at the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo. Now you can see your favorite animal at any time.

9. Outdoor games.

There are lots of fun activities you can enjoy and disperse energy while outside. Grab the sidewalk chalk, draw, play tic-tac-toe. Tag, eye spy, and hide-and-seek are other great games to play. After a few educational tasks, make sure to focus on play time.  Remember to wear sunscreen!

10. How to videos

Since we do have technology at our hands, look up how-to video and expand your knowledge! You can learn how to juggle, tie a knot, make a metal robot, or even how to make elephant toothpaste.


When all is said and done, this moment in time is temporary. Try to make the most of each day and create some memories!



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Grace Carlton

Psychometric Technician

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